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Motorcycle DIY - join us in the workshop!

Motorcycle DIY - join us in the workshop!

Self Service Motorcycle Ramps at Pier City Custom

Throughout the years, Stu and I have both lived in locations that meant that we didn't have the ideal facilities to work on our bikes and it was an absolute pain in the behind. Most notably for myself was when I was living in the centre of Brighton and having to choose to work in a dusty, grubby underground car park or in the cold in the street upstairs. Whilst scrabbling around in the dirt and losing bolts and tools in the gutter, I assumed that I couldn't be the only person having to put up with that sort of crap. I remember one time in particular when I had just bought a Kawasaki ZX7-R (I'd dreamed of one day owning one of these and living out my WSBK Anthony Gobert fantasies), flapping around on a car park floor trying to inspect what was good and what was bad (loads was bad!) and I ended up looking like I'd been plastering the entire block of flats we lived beneath due to the amount of shit on the deck. I swore at that  point that if I ever had the chance to open up a facility where I could give others the option to come and service their own bikes in the warmth and comfort or a more suitable environment then I would do so.

Move forward around a decade and we finally got there!

Our DIY motorcycle ramps allow those who know what they're doing with a socket set and a set of spanners a chance to do so with our tools, a cup of coffee in hand and (potentially) some good tunes and bike chat along the way! Hopefully it'll give others an opportunity to play with their bike for the first time and others a chance to save some serious cash versus their local dealer prices. This is open to all makes and models, not just BMW motorcycles.

Check out the details at if you fancy coming to hang out for a few hours, a morning or an entire day.


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