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Triumph Bonneville Black Mini-Makeover

Triumph Bonneville Black Mini-Makeover

We tend to specialise on the BMW R nine T but it doesn't stop us wanting to play with other bikes, so we were extremely grateful to be trusted with throwing a few twists on this Triumph Bonneville Black T120.

It's owner wanted to separate it from the rest of the carpark crowd without going too mad. After all, he had chosen the Bonnie in the first place because of it's looks so we wanted to keep the end result true to the original look. A pile of genuine accessories had already been sourced as part of the purchase of the bike, so together we worked towards turning it into something slightly more streamlined and tough. 

John, the man with the keys, had a few ideas in mind which we thought would be great to run with, such as wrapping the exhaust gold and fitting new end cans. We then worked to find solutions to take some of the bulk out of the front end. We've never personally been big fans of the top heavy standard Triumph indicator/headlight combo so decided to fit new headlight brackets and relocate the indicators to the radiator mount. Having used BAAK gear for a previous Triumph Scrambler build, we knew they could be trusted to give us the look and quality we were after. We did need to fabricate our own bracket to attach to theirs in order to fit the flyscreen. Next, indicators. We have always loved the size and brightness of the Rizoma Club units and a big bonus with the Club is that the 'L' version can also double up as a running light, saving the need for chunky additional auxiliary lights (see pic below, the indicator and running lights can be seen by front lower corner of the fuel tank).

We have to be honest, as guys who doesn't play with Triumphs anywhere near as often as BMWs, we were surprised about how much weight we were able to remove from the bike fitting the Evotech tail tidy. It loses loads of the bulk of the rear end and works beautifully with the Rizoma Club indicators. Evotech were a new brand to us and we were so impressed with them that we've started stocking their R9T parts in our webstore.

Another brand that we had no previous experience working with were IXIL, the manufacturers of the slip on exhaust end cans. Whilst they were a little heavy, the fit was great. They come with a removable baffle which we would recommend doing away with having roadtested it!

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