Pier City Custom BMW R9T Air Box Removal Kit

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Pier City Custom R9T Air Box Removal Kit

  • Designed to assist air-box removal
  • Fits standard R9T
  • Black satin finish PCC battery box
  • High quality metal filters or K&N paper filters
  • Includes fittings and instructions

Will fit all models of BMW R9T - Roadster, Scrambler, Sport, Pure & Urban G/S. The new EU4 regulation bikes need to fit the kit with an additional spacer. 

Please note that we now supply this kit with a primed cover for the scoop replacement, not the carbon cover shown in the image above.

Three holes will need to be drilled in the bottom of the tank bracket in order to fit. This will not affect the tank usage in any way.

Picture attached shows the affect of using a PCC battery box to assist R9T air box removal. Please feel free to read our recommended fitting instructions here.

We can carry out this mod for you if you're in the UK, too. Get in touch - piercitycustom@gmail.com