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Ukraine Appeal

Since Putin's Russian forces invaded Ukraine on 24th February 2022, we have been glued to the news on the TV and radio in the workshop. Our hearts bleed for the innocent civilians of Ukraine who now find their streets war-torn following a brutal onslaught. Many Ukrainians are now cut off from water, electricity and food supplies, with reports of civilians having to resort to central heating as their only source of drinking water. It is unthinkable what is happening to this nation and it's people. We take stock each day to remind ourselves that the families of Ukraine are no different to us and ask ourselves what we would be doing if we were in their position, having to defend our families against the occupiers.

Since the second date of invasion, we have been using our living room to accept supplies and medical aid donations for the residents of Ukraine and growing number of refugees on the borders. We have been utilising 'Bluey', our Mercedes Sprinter which is usually used for transporting customer bikes, to run these supplies to London and also helping various collection points move aid around our city of Brighton & Hove in order for it to be collected and sent to those in need.

Politics might not be our usual point of conversation on our website or in our subscription emails, but we've always believed that if you have a chance to use your voice to help others then you should use it. This is our voice.

For the weekend of 4th-7th March we will be donating the profits from any sales made through our website to British Ukrainian Aid. If you were planning on placing an order with us soon then this would be a great time to do it, alternatively, if you wanted to simply donate directly to our JustGiving fundraising page then please do so here;

Your donation will be used to fund immediate emergency and ongoing needs. Here is an example, from one of the humanitarian charities working in Ukraine, of some of the costs that can be covered;
£8 - 2 woollen blankets for individuals or emergency shelters
£23 - A food and hygiene pack for one adult for a month or 30 thermal foil blankets for emergency use
£70 - A food and hygiene pack for a family of four for a month
£500 - Towards crisis counselling and support services, and children's services
£1,500 - A basic emergency medicine pack for 1,000 people for 3-months
£3,700 - Medicine and pharmaceutical pack for 10,000 people for 3-months

For full clarity, we're not doing this as a 'PCC fundraiser' because we would hate for anyone to think that this is any sort of marketing opportunity. We're doing this because we know that the motorcycling community has always been a generous and caring community and, in finding a central point to help raise funds, we can use our position to reach people all over the globe to help those in need.

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