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Motogadget Mo.Hub BMW R9T LIN Kit - Tiny


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Motogadget Mo.Hub BMW R9T LIN Kit - Tiny

The mo.hub Kit allows the easy connection of the Motoscope Tiny or the MST Speedster/Vintage speedo and rev counters to all models of the R nineT series with Euro 4 (model year 2017 and later) LINbus instruments. You have to order the Motoscope Tiny or the MST Speedster/Vintage additionally to the mo.hub kit;

The mo.hub receives data like speed, rpm and indicator lights from the digital vehicle bus (LIN bus) and converts it into usable signals for the motoscope Tiny or MST Speedster/Vintage. Using the clear wiring table, the vehicle plug and the instruments connect to the terminal blocks of the mo.hub, then simply plug into the BMW loom. Essentially plug & play. 

Supplied with;

  • mo.hub adapter, connector blocks, cover and mounting option
  • the specific vehicle plug connector to the BMW R nineT 2017+
  • a connection cable to the battery including a fuse
  • cable ties
  • the milled and anodized 3-dimensional bracket for the motoscope Tiny  or MST Speedster/Vintage matching the BMW R9T
  • the detailed installation and operating instructions via the app
  • the mobile app mo.ride via Google Play and AppStore (free of charge)
To install the mo.hub kit you need the Motogadget mo.ride app. You need a Smartphone and App the mo.hub to use the mo.hub. The app works with smartphones that use the Android 8.0 operating system and iOS 12.4 or higher. The compatibility may be limited in rare cases due to the device. Further information about the app can also be found at oder in Google Play and AppStore.

After your smartphone and the mo.ride app are paired to the mo.hub via Bluetooth, all necessary settings will be automatically and correctly applied and you can start immediately.
App info;
  • extremely low power consumption of smartphone and mo.hub
  • the highly sensitive acceleration sensor allows you to display your riding activity in mo.ride by an activity factor, number of turns, top speed and other statistics
  • Monitoring the current battery voltage in the app
  • Firmware updates without removal of mo.hub possible at any place via Smartphone and App
  • Configuration without removal mo.hub possible at any location via Smartphone and App
  • Vehicle management in the app
  • Maintenance management through automatically updated mileage with information on maintenance tasks, service tasks, condition of tires, brake pads, oils, fuel, spark plugs, etc.
  • Tour-Tracking records all trips
  • Logbook stores all generated vehicle messages and maintenance tasks
  • display of parking position and Ping! to help with vehicle search
  • soon the 'ride mode' will be integrated into the app. There you can create your own dashboard with different measurements and displays. E.g. time measurement 0-100 km/h, temperatures, altimeter, turn counter, tilt angle, compass, fun factor, weather data and much more
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