The Midnight Series

The culmination of 10 years of experience building custom R NineT bikes. From the workshop to the track, all the parts used here are tried, tested and highly recommended. You pick key components, and we handle the rest. Your custom bike is just a few clicks away.

Choose from two bespoke exhausts.

Select the finish of your handmade, custom seat.

Plan your Midnight colour scheme.

Ride in, or let us source a donor bike

PCC Midnight Series Bike Build
PCC Midnight Series Bike Build

PCC Midnight Series Bike Build

A track-inspired turnkey custom bike. Every build we've ever made has led us to this point, and you can ride all that experience home. 

Each Series bike is given a bespoke 'Midnight" colourway, developed for us by Valkyrie Paintworks.


You can use your current Gen3 R nineT as a donor, or select the New Bike option and we will source a suitable low-mileage example. Please note, customers from outside the UK will need a donor bike registered in their home country.

In Detail

Find your voice.

Two options, each with a distinct look and tone. The full G&G system is low-profile with a thunderous grumble. The Akrapovic end can paired with the de-cat Unit Garage headers brings that track-ready style and characteristic roar at full rip.


Comfort. Class. Charisma.

Our proven shape for classic lines, handfinished by our leatherwork partner. Choose from full black leather, or black leather with black Alcantara.


Paint by Valkyrie

Our go-to supplier for every PCC build, the team at Valkyrie Paintworks are unbeatable. Any colour you like, and we give it the Midnight treatment.