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PCC Workshop - Tuning & Remapping Service

PCC Workshop - Tuning & Remapping Service

Ever wondered what your ride-by-wire R9T could do if it was really let off the leash? Well, we have just the thing. Tried, tested and tweaked to perfection by your favourite BMW goons (us) on the PCC race bike, this is perhaps the most effective performance mod we offer.
With no visible alterations, the performance of your R9T will be hot on the heels of super naked bikes like the F900R & S1000R: more power, more torque, and more control. That ‘lie-in shattering’ cold start high-idle is eliminated. Kick the quickshifter on climbing revs and lap up a delicious exhaust burble. The best part? The job is the same for all Gen 3 R9Ts (2021+ models), so we can offer this service at a flat rate.

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