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How To Order A PCC R9T Build

We love bikes. We have been riding on, working on or working with motorcycles for most of our lives, from messing around on bikes as a kid to  turning them into our professional careers. Since starting working in the BMW Motorrad network around a decade ago, modern BMWs have been our passion. Since its arrival in 2014, most of our time has been exclusively dedicated to customisation of the BMW R nine T. We love building these bikes and in this blog you'll find all of the information you'll need if you'd like us to build one for you, too. If you want a little inspiration then you can also head over to our build website here.

Contact: You can contact PCC by email, WhatsApp or phone. Our email address is and phone (+44) 07786 374435. Feel free to call anytime, we genrally work a Monday to Saturday week, but please remember that we are a fully operational workshop so if we do not answer then please send a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. You can also contact us through our webshop.

Location: We are based in the heart of Sussex in the UK, our nearest city is Brighton & Hove. We operate in a four ramp, custom motorcycle workshop with a dedicated fabrication room. You can find us by appointment only so please use the contact details above if you want to head over for a build chat. We are always keen to chat builds and popping down to the workshop will allow you to see some examples of our previous builds to help visualise your ideas.

Donor Bike: 95% of our builds will use the BMW R nine T because these are our specialist subject. We know the bikes inside out and have all of the correct tooling and workshop stands to make these builds as quick, easy and professional as possible. The big plus to sticking to a single model is that we will be able to give you a very accurate quote for your build because we've done most jobs a dozen or two times before. Once in a while we will find time to work on a few different projects but this will need to fit in around our R nine T workload, and the donor would almost certainly need to be a modern BMW motorcycle.

If you provide the donor bike; we will need to know the exact age and model so we can work out the compatibility of all of the parts that we would need or like to use. Shipping or collection can be arranged in order to get the bike to us.

If you require donor bike; we have some good friends within the BMW network so we're always happy to help you find a bike, it might even come at a cheaper price. If you need advice sourcing one second hand then we can give you some pointers and cast an eye over any online ads before you arrange to go and look at a bike.

Design: We use a combination of meetings, phone calls, mood boards and messages to get a flavour of your plans, ideally we will then use your ideas to create a 'Genesis' bike. This Genesis bike will become the go-to point when we look for parts and custom mods, we can even get your Genesis bike rendered for you so you can help visualise it. We then transfer all of the parts research onto Google sheets. Once the spreadsheet is set up, all costs for parts, labour and refinishing will be made available to all parties so that the costings are completely transparent. Transparency is crucial to the way that we work. If you'd like to have a look at some of our previous designs then visit our build website here.

Updates: We will supply a regular feed of build pics to your preferred method of communication, generally speaking we use WhatsApp because of it's ease of use when it comes to sending media files. You are more than welcome to join us in the workshop at any time during your build. We have four custom ramps which always have somehting interesting on the go, a fabrication room and a small area to hang out, drink coffee and discuss your ride. All we ask is that we're able to work whilst we talk (unless it's time for a quick coffee, of course!). Visits must be arranged in advance as we don't work a traditional Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm schedule.

Shipment: We require all orders from outside of the UK to supply a bike from their country of residence. Delivery in the UK and Europe can be made by ourselves (by prior arrangements), otherwise we will use a motorcycle courier service. Costs usually sit around £650-£950 for shipping, remember you may also be charged customs so check with your local tax department first.

Time: This can vary depending on whether you already own the donor bike or wish for us to help you source it. Generally speaking, bikes take around 6-10 weeks to complete once they land with us.

Payment: Payment is made by bank transfer. We request that all parts are paid for up front, this allows us to source everything you require in plenty of time - this also acts as your deposit. We may request payment to cover finishing costs as and when they are completed by our third party partners. Final payment should be made at the time of collection and will cover our labour costs.

Warranty: We offer a one year warranty on the work undertaken. You will also have direct contact with our workshop for any repair or modification that you would like to make in the future.

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