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Pier City Socials

Every now and then, we'll host an event under our Pier City Social banner. These events will usually revolve around drinking coffee and chatting about bikes. 


PIER CITY SOCIAL #1 - 28th September @ Craft House Coffee - Facebook Event

Join us at Craft House Coffee on the 28th September for a day of riding, gassing and caffeine. We'll have a selection of our 2019 Pier City Custom BMW R9T builds with us. We're inviting along Reiten Motorrad, who will be joining us to offer demos on their BMW R9T, and Valkerie Paintworks will be showing of their custom paint skills.

BMW riders will even get a free cup of coffee, courtesy of Tom and Bridget at Craft House Coffee! You can find us (and them) at their roastery between 10am and 4pm, they are located here;

Craft House Coffee
Blacklands Farm, Unit F3
Henfield, Sussex

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