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We frequently get asked questions about our parts so we thought we'd cover off a few to assist any decision making you may have.

How does Pier City Custom Battery Box fit?

There are two ways of fitting the kit. We prefer to strip the back end off the bike, allowing proper access to the air box to remove it as a whole unit, just as the factory would have installed it. With rear end removed this allows everything to be done with plenty of room and gives us the chance to spend some time making the job neat under the tank. The battery box bolts underneath the tank in the large recess and uses the flat support brace at the back of the tank as a mounting point. Fittings are included within the kit.
We have had many customers (and have seen some other custom builders) cutting the air box out with a saw. This method works and saves time but you need to be super careful not to damage the paint or frame and makes things a little trickier to do the job as neatly as possible.
If you are considering this method then we recommend that you do so as (or with) a competent mechanic.  

How long does it take to fit the Air Box Removal Kit?

We can strip the bike in two in around 2 hours. On average, we then spend an hour fitting the box, an hour or so tidying up the cables and making everything look right and then spend 1-2 hours putting the bike back correctly at our own pace. Cutting the air box out is a riskier process but it does save a few hours.

Does the bike need a remap after fitting the ABR kit?

In all honesty, we have never had to worry. Any differences when riding have been negligible, however please do note that fitting the kit is an aesthetic mod not a performance upgrade - it won't give you any additional power or torque. If you're looking for extra power, or if you are fitting our kit with a full exhaust system, then we would maybe highly recommend fitting a mapping unit like the Rapid Bike EVO which is available at our webshop.  This is a cracking bit of kit and makes the bike run beautifully smoothly, almost like the newer liquid cooled models.

Does the DWA/Alarm need relocating when fitting the ABR kit? 

No. The battery box can be fitted on the top face of the brace plate, or the underneath face. Most post 2017 require the box fitted on the underside. 
The DWA unit, if fitted, is mounted on the top face of the brace plate. This requires the battery box to be fitted on the underside. 
Due to the shallow dome head bolts we have chosen, and supply in the kit, enough clearance is left for the DWA to clip in and bolt down over the battery box bolts, and locate correct as per before the battery box was fitted.
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