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Pier City Custom is Rory and Stu, a couple of motorcycle customisation enthusiasts based on the South Coast of the UK. We love to play with BMW motorbikes, whether they're cafe racers, customs or sportsbikes, and we wanted to make it easier to help other BMW owners in the UK to do the same. We set up a store that stocks the best quality products, primarily for the BMW R nine T, alongside parts that we fabricate in-house.

We build and customise bikes under the alias Pier City Cycles. We look at designing and building bikes out of a desire to create something unique but practical for everyday use. After all, bikes are for riding! We also offer a service facility specialising in modern BMW bikes.

Blog posts

New BMW R18 Goodies!

We were lucky enough to be treated to some BMW goodies for our R18 custom build, so we thought we'd share the excitem...

PCC Signature Mods - Kellermann Atto 3-in-1 Rear End

The Kellerman Atto 3-in-1 rear end set up is quickly becoming our default rear end on a large number of the BMW R nin...

PCC TUTORIAL - Removing The Servo Motor & Exhaust Flap On Your BMW R9T

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to remove the Servo Motor and Exhaust Flap of your R9T. This is a modification t...

PCC SOUNDTRACKS - BOS Double Carbon Steel Underseat Exhaust & BOS Works Headers

In this Start Up video, we present the BOS Double Underseat Carbon Steel exhaust, with BOS 'round the side' Works hea...

PCC TUTORIALS - Removing The Seat On Your BMW R9T (And Putting The Battery On Charge)

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to remove the seat of your R9T. This is something that might seem simple once yo...

PCC Video Diary - June '21 Edition!

In our June Diary, you can see our current workshop projects including a BMW R18 being built for BMW Motorrad UK, our...
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