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Electronics Upgrade

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Electronics Only

The sleeper mod. To a passer-by, your bike could be unchanged – but the smile on your face will tell a different story. Your Gen 3 R9T is packing some extra punch, it just needs a helping hand to find it. A true ‘wolf in sheep's clothing’ mod.

After extensive testing on track, we now believe that we can offer the best electronics package that the R9T has ever been treated to - ultimately creating the ultimate BMW R nine T performance package! Our tuning partners, RS2E, come from a background of MotoGP & WSBK electronic wizardry, and can turn the ride-by-wire BMW R9T from a great modern retro into a bike that is able to compete on performance with some of the super naked litre bikes - but obviously we all know that the R9T looks way cooler.

The tuning package will fine tune the bike in the following ways:

  • Eliminate the loud, frustrating high-idle upon starting the bike.

  • Bridges the gap to the S1000R without compromising the heritage style

  • Tuning performed by ex-MotoGP & WSBK electronics engineers

  • Maps have been fine tuned using the PCC race bike

  • Max out the power (up to 5bhp upgrade) and torque (4Nm)

  • Optimised throttle response, big grin factor!

  • Can be optimised for aftermarket exhaust systems and silencers

  • Optimised Traction Control

  • Quickshifter, up and down the gearbox using an autoblip

  • Activation of exhaust 'burble'

Please note: we'll need your bike for 2-3 weeks while we complete the process. After you place your order, we'll be in touch to arrange a date for your bike to be dropped into the workshop.

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