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Electronics, DNA Filter + PCC Scoop

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Activation of exhaust 'burble'

Electronics, DNA Filter + PCC Scoop

All those tweaks under the hood, plus a chance to allow the bike to breathe a little better and maximise its potential. We’ll throw a little aesthetic finessing while we’re at it. Trade out the stock R9T snorkel for the somewhat sleeker PCC intake scoop. When the bike’s getting some extra muscle, why not have the looks to match?

After extensive testing on track, we now believe that we can offer the best electronics package that the R9T has ever been treated to - ultimately creating the ultimate BMW R nine T performance package! Our tuning partners, RS2E, come from a background of MotoGP & WSBK electronic wizardry, and can turn the ride-by-wire BMW R9T from a great modern retro into a bike that is able to compete on performance with some of the super naked litre bikes - but obviously we all know that the R9T looks way cooler.

The tuning package will fine tune the bike in the following ways:

  • Eliminate the loud, frustrating high-idle upon starting the bike.

  • Bridges the gap to the S1000R without compromising the heritage style

  • Tuning performed by ex-MotoGP & WSBK electronics engineers

  • Maps have been fine tuned using the PCC race bike

  • Max out the power (up to 5bhp upgrade) and torque (4Nm)

  • Optimised throttle response, big grin factor!

  • Can be optimised for aftermarket exhaust systems and silencers

  • Optimised Traction Control

  • Quickshifter, up and down the gearbox using an autoblip

  • Activation of exhaust 'burble'

  • Includes PCC Air Intake Scoop & DNA High Performance Air Filter

Please note: we'll need your bike for 2-3 weeks while we complete the process. After you place your order, we'll be in touch to arrange a date for your bike to be dropped into the workshop.

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