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Blood Moon Wolf Build

2021 BMW R9T Pure

We met owner, Alex, at the Bike Shed in 2022 and he was really keen to speak to us about putting a bike together after he saw our Midnight Racer build. A quick chat and a build spreadsheet later, his 2021 Pure rolled into the workshop. The brief was simple; it needs to be practical, slick and moody with a midnight crimson style paint job. We decided on a Blood Moon theme for the bike, with the added touch of a hidden wolf graphic on the seat cowl. The Blood Moon Wolf was born (it's initials are BMW, obvs).

Valkyrie Paintworks were given the task of recreating something special with the paint and they delivered, as usual, exactly what we were after. Our biggest stumbling block was how to find a smart 2-2 exhaust sytem which would expose the rear wheel but also look super sharp to match the modern items such as the ultra bright LED lighting. Enter G&G Bike from Italy, our latest best buds. Their underslung system was perfect for the bike, and once we had sent it for cerakoting, you could barely notice it. Add in a whole host of refinishing and some slick handlebars and the Wolf was on its way.


Rizoma MA011 Handlebars, G&G Full System, Servo Buddy, BMW Urban Scrambler Seat & Cowl, PCC 3D Printed Fork Covers, Kellerman Atto Dark Indicators & UGS Oil Cooler Mounts, Kellerman Atto & Adapters, PCC High Level Plate, Wilbers 640 Nightline Rear Shock, Kellermann 3-in-1 Rear End, Motorrad Mirror Deletes, Powder Coated Cylinder Head Covers, Anodised OEM Rearsets, Full Black Out Front End.

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