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Spartan 117

2019 BMW R9T Scrambler

Owner, James, originally brought the Spartan 117 bike to us for a multiple 'stage' build. Initially his commuter hack, James wanted to give the bike a refresh and add a little personalisation, as well as trying some new finishes to compliment the factory finish of the Option 719 parts already fitted to the bike. This is the second R9T Scrambler we've put together for James' garage, each has it's own individual spin.


Unit Garage Comfort Handlebars, Denali M7 LED Headlight, Motogadget Spy Mirrors, Bespoke PCC Exhaust System, Servo Buddy, PCC Air Scoop, PCC Air Box Removal Kit, DNA Filters, Bespoke JK Seat, Rizoma Club Indicators, Bespoke Refinished OEM Wheels, SW Motech Rack, 719 Option Parts, Unit Garage /7 Fuel Tank, Full PCC Blackout Kit, BAAK Rear Fender, Wilbers Rear Shock, Rizoma Licence Plate Holder, Kellerman Atto Front Indicatros, Kellerman Atto 3-in-1 Rear Lights, Le Motographe Fuel Cap, Bespoke PCC Frame Bars


The photos on this page were taken by PCC's own photographer, Alex Hampton. Alex is a always up for a freelance trip out around his PCC duties, so have a look at his website and get in touch.

Contact Us If You Would Like To Discuss Your Own Bespoke Build.

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