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Rapid Bike Performance Bypass Adaptor

Rapid Bike

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Rapid Bike Performance Bypass Adaptor

Rapid Bike fuelling modules manage the R9T's injectors and lambda sensors in order to achieve a new fuelling map. This allows the bike to work around the stock ECU settings, which are very restrictive due to emission laws, and causes a dramatic improvement in engine performance and fuel efficiency.

  • Rapid Bike Performance Bypass Adaptor allows you to instantly bypass the EVO or RACING fuel map settings to return the bike to stock maps.
  • Perfect for instant comparisons with original settings or to perform fault diagnostics.
  • Plug and play design.
  • Supplied with bike specific wiring harness and instruction manual.

THIS KIT WILL FIT ALL MODELS OF BMW R9T - Roadster, Scrambler, Racer, Pure & Urban G/S

Please note; the Rapid Bike Master software will only work with Windows PC, it does not support Mac based platforms.

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