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Rapid Bike SMART Fuelling Control Module

Rapid Bike

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Rapid Bike SMART Fuelling Control Module

Rapid Bike fuelling modules manage the R9T's injectors and lambda sensors in order to achieve a new fuelling map. This allows the bike to work around the stock ECU settings, which are very restrictive due to emission laws, and causes a dramatic improvement in engine performance and fuel efficiency.

  • This fuelling kit is specifically designed for bikes equipped with highly sophisticated lambda sensors that comply with the latest Euro5 criteria. It optimises the air/fuel ratio and injection vales with the self-adaptive logic of the stock ECU.
  • It directly controls lambda sensor signal prompting the stock ECU to adopt a richer carburetion. Power delivery is considerably smoother, with improved throttle response whilst securing substantial benefits for the engine's overall performance.
  • The new module features compact dimensions for easy installation with wireless Bluetooth connectivity and through an innovative free software you can quickly and easily amplify or reduce the effects of the stock lambda sensor signal modification.
  • Supplied with bike specific wiring harness and instruction manual.
  • Can be turned on and off remotely for emissions tests.


Please note; the Rapid Bike SMART requires a Smart Phone and Bluetooth to change your fuelling.

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