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Rizoma BMW R9T ProGuard System RACING Front Brake Lever Protector Guard


Regular price £255.00

Rizoma BMW R9T PROGUARD SYSTEM® RACING Front Brake Lever Protector Guard

  • Exceptional style
  • Easy to fit
  • Aerodynamic efficiency
  • Added finger protection
  • Used by top level race teams

This will require Rizoma adaptor to be fitted to the R9T, see Rizoma product page.


About the Rizoma PROGUARD SYSTEM®

Rizoma has designed and manufactured the cutting edge PROGUARD SYSTEM® for both the Street and the Track. The resulting system serves two purposes; to protect the brake lever and clutch from accidental contact with other vehicles and objects, and also to act as an aerodynamic deflector.

The PROGUARD SYSTEM® has been used in both the MotoGP and World Superbike paddocks for many years and is seen as the ultimate combination of form and function in order to assist your safety when riding.

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