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Servo Buddy BMW R9T

Servo Buddy

Regular price £42.99

Skutrnet Servo Buddy BMW R9T

Skutrnet's Servi Buddy assists in removing the bulky butterfly valve in the BMW standard exhaust system. Its also great if you're fitting an aftermarket exhaust. It is easy to click into place and can be cable-tied to the wire harness meaning it isn't noticeable once fitted. The Servo Buddy works by copying the signals of the butterfly valve so the computer thinks all is well with the exhaust circuit preventing any warning lights from coming on. 

  • Very easy installation
  • Lightweight unit - weighs 20 grams
  • Plug and play design
  • Supplied with bike specific connector

THIS KIT WILL FIT ALL MODELS OF BMW R9T - Roadster, Scrambler, Racer, Pure & Urban G/S


Lead time on this part is 1-2 days. 

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