Unit Garage BMW R9T Fuel Tank NineT/7

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Product image 1Unit Garage BMW R9T Fuel Tank NineT/7
Product image 2Unit Garage BMW R9T Fuel Tank NineT/7
Product image 3Unit Garage BMW R9T Fuel Tank NineT/7
Product image 4Unit Garage BMW R9T Fuel Tank NineT/7
Product image 5Unit Garage BMW R9T Fuel Tank NineT/7

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Unit Garage BMW R9T Fuel Tank NineT/7
  • Reproduces a look reminiscent of the BMW Boxers of the seventies and eighties
  • New tank allows better handling and better front load due to shortened tank
  • New tank capacity is 18.5 litres and is TÜV approved
  • Kit comes finished and ready to bolt on, supplied with Karakum bag to fill gap between tank and seat - or order a matching seat from us.
  • Fittings included, easy to install
  • Fits all R9T models
  • Choice of 5 tank colours (including an unpainted version) and three seat colours - choose from the dropdown menu
Lead time on this item will be around 2-5 working days.

Fitting advice and details;

Tank: The fuel tank in Nylon re-uses the original fuel cap and fuel pump of your original bike, the reserve light will still work, and you will not have to tamper with anything, the kit is completely reversible. The fuel tank is painted and complete with stickers under lacquer. (in the white version they must be purchased separately). The original active coal filter (canister) remains the same of your original bike. All mounting brackets are supplied in the kit. 

Karakum Tank coupling pocket: Storage pocket made for a perfect fit between our tanks for the nineT models, and all the saddles that are fitted with the original tank. In addition to being very beautiful and stylish ... it is also convenient for small items such as keys, telepass, gate remote or coins. Stitched by hand in Italy with top quality leathers, it is supplied complete with fixing bracket
Available in two colors: Black with gray stitching - Brown with dark green stitching

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