Wilbers BMW R9T Shock Absorber 640 Road - Roadster 2017-20

Wilbers Suspension

Product image 1Wilbers BMW R9T Shock Absorber 640 Road - Roadster 2017-20
Product image 2Wilbers BMW R9T Shock Absorber 640 Road - Roadster 2017-20
Product image 3Wilbers BMW R9T Shock Absorber 640 Road - Roadster 2017-20

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Wilbers Suspension BMW R9T Shock Absorber 640 Road - Roadster 2017-20

VERY IMPORTANT! Wilbers produce their shock absorbers to order and offer a very wide range of options to make sure your suspension is a perfect fit. As their suspension is made to your requirements, these are non-returnable and we will contact you to confirm your details once you place your order. If you have any queries or specific requirements, please contact us before ordering.

This rear shock will only fit the BMW R9T Roadster 2017-20 model. Please see other listings for alternative R9T models.

  • Wilbers Adjustline rear shock absorbers are a game-changer on the BMW R9T - that's why we run both of our BMW R9T track and road bikes with Wilbers suspension.
  • The radial piston, wet run, teflon guided self-aligning bearings and other features redefine the quality of a standard shock.
  • Spring preload and rebound damping adjustable
  • Choose standard height, +25mm lift or -25mm lowering version.
  • Choice of preload adjusters available, see below.
  • Wilbers ride-height-adjustment possible; the length of the shock absorber can be modified over a thread located at the lower shock mount for +/-5mm. Contact us for details.
  • The special fork spring kit is required for a lowering of 25mm, please contact us.
  • Other colours available upon request, please contact us.
  • Image may vary slightly from actual product

Lead time on this item will be around 10 -14 working days as they are produced to spec. We can only ship these within the UK because they are pressurised, please get in touch if you are outside of the UK and will aim to put you in touch with your local Wilbers centre.



The Wilbers-PA solution maybe is the most comfortable way to adjust the spring preload. Using a hand knob that comes with a bracket specified for your motorcycle, you can easily adjust the riding level to match additional passenger and/or loading situations. The adjustment range is 10 mm.


The X-PA offers you the option to regulate the spring preload and therewith the vehicle level by the included box spanner in a breath. The purely mechanical adjustment mechanism is very light and, due to its robustness. The adjustment range is 15 mm.


The ZF-PA is a hydraulic spring tensioner that is directly integrated on the shock absorber. The advantage is that you do not have to mount an external hand knob to the vehicle. Easily reachable and adjustable without much force, this preload option can be tuned for up to 15 mm.



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