At last, Motogadget Analog & Digital Instruments for the BMW R9T!

As an R9T community, I think that we can agree, we've been waiting and waiting (and waiting) for a Motogadget dash for the later model R9Ts for what seems like forever. Finally, the wait is over. 

Now, for a little background (because we like a little history lesson), this has been something Motogadget have been working tirelessly to get right. The original 2014-16 model R nine T Roadster was set up in a way that meant that the twin clock dashboard also worked as a control unit for the bike. This meant that some of the time and effort Motogadget put into perfecting their motoscope pro for the first gen R9T was effectively wasted when BMW moved the entire range over to a 'LINbus' set-up in very late 2016/early 2017. The later LINbus clocks on the 2017+ models are effectively a 'receiver' for a control unit relocated further down in the depths of the bike. Motogadget have been speaking to us about their new BMW R nineT specific mo.hub adapter unit for a good while now but with no ETA on the project, so we kept it under our hats until we saw something materialise. Early in 2020 year we were told it was on the horizon but we all know what happened next. So following a year of delays and logistical nightmares, here we are, some good news for 2021!

The key new product in the Motogadget range is the mo.hub adapter unit. This allows you to plug most of the existing range of Motogadget clocks into the BMW loom and send information back and forth. This unit will fit all 2017+ models. Previous 2014-16 models (like our two in-house bikes) will still be able to use the motoscope pro but not the new hub and speedo options.

There we go. We got there. Let's have a little gander, shall we?


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