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Remapping & Fuelling Modules Explained

Remapping & Fuelling Modules Explained

One of the most common questions turning up in our inbox at the moment is, “do I need a remap for my bike?”. If you’re fitting a new exhaust system, or removing the air box, then the short answer is “yes”. The long answer? Well, keep on reading. 

Gen.1 and Gen.2 R NineT

If you’re riding a pre-2021 R9T, then we have good news: with a little technical know-how, your “remap” can be done at home. Plug-and-play hardware from Rapid Bike can adjust the fuelling of your bike to compensate for the increased airflow an upgraded exhaust system brings. You have two options: the Rapid Bike EVO, and the Rapid Bike EASY. We go into detail on the differences between the two on this blog, but here’s a quick summary. 

The Rapid Bike EASY is – you guessed it – the easy one to fit. It’s very simple, but that simplicity does mean a few limitations. You pop it on, set how rich you want the bike to run, and away you go. The EVO on the other hand, pulls information from the bike’s sensors to constantly adjust the fuelling for best performance. There’s some basic laptop-based fettling to do with the EVO to get the base settings plumbed in, but we can talk you through some basic setup.


Gen.3 (2021-2023 R NineT)

The ride-by-wire third-generation R9T bikes have a little more going on under the tank when it comes to fuelling. For the best result, and arguably the biggest performance mod you can perform on any R9T, there’s no hardware involved – it’s all laptop-based. Our recommendation, without exception, is to have your bike remapped by RS2E over in Germany. Don’t worry, the whole bike doesn’t need to go there – just the ECU. We include this as part of our Electronics Upgrade packages for the Gen.3 bikes, so book in for a truly faff-free option. These upgrades are totally worth doing, even if you’re still running the stock exhaust and air systems. There’s plenty of performance to be unlocked from the factory setup, including additional perks such as a quickshifter and getting rid of the high idle at start-up, and we’d argue it's the best way to improve your bike outside of suspension upgrades.

If you would rather a quick fix then it’s worth looking into the Rapid Bike SMART: it’s essentially the Rapid Bike EASY for the Gen.3 bike.



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