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BMW R9T Torque Settings

BMW R9T Torque Settings

We wouldn't approach a job on a BMW R nine T without a torque wrench and the correct torque settings. BMW are very specific when it comes to completing work with the correct tools to get their fittings tight enough, and there are certain parts that can get damaged if they are over-tightened.

We run with three torque wrenches, one 3/8" drive from 5Nm-25Nm, one 3/8" drive to cover 8Nm-60Nm and one big 1/2" drive to do anything from 40Nm-210Nm. The most commonly used torque wrench, by a long way, is the one with the range 8Nm-60Nm - this will do 90% of the R9T torque settings.

We've added a few tips we've found along the way in order to help protect the sensitive areas of the bike and make things easier for all involved.

Oil drain plug to crankcase - M16x1.5 - 32Nm
Cylinder head cover to cylinder head - M6 - 10Nm
Housing cover to engine - M5x16 - 5Nm (thread-locking compound - Loctite 243, Medium strength)
Oil filter to crankcase - 11Nm (lubricate sealing ring with engine oil)
Spark plug to cylinder head - M10x1 - 12Nm

Fuel tank to front frame - M8x18 - 19Nm
Oil cooler to front frame - M6x20 - 10Nm
Side stand to pivot mount - M10x1 - 40Nm (thread-locking compound - Loctite 243, Medium strength)
Side-stand switch to pivot-bearing screw - M6x16 - 6Nm (thread-locking compound - Loctite 243, Medium strength)
Bracket for front seat to rear frame: M6x20 - 8Nm & M8x40 19 Nm
Mount for front seat to bracket - M6x17.5 - 8Nm
Screw-type terminal (positive terminal) to battery-positive connection point - M6x14 - 2Nm

Servomotor of exhaust-flow control valve to rear frame - M6 x 20 - 8Nm
Clamp to silencer and exhaust manifold - M8x40 - 25Nm
Silencer to rear-seat frame - M8x40 - 10Nm
Manifold to cylinder head - 21Nm
O2 sensors - 45Nm
Gearbox hanger bracket - 8Nm

Clutch slave cylinder to gearbox - M6x18 - 8Nm
Clutch line to clutch lever fitting - M10x1 - 7Nm
Clutch line to clutch slave cylinder - M10x1 - 7Nm

Gearbox oil filler plug - M14x1.5 - 30Nm
Gearbox oil drain plug - M18x1.5 - 30Nm

Fork lower pinch bolts (quick-release axle) - M8x35 - 19Nm (tighten each screw in alternate sequence three times)
Lower fork bridge (bottom yoke) to fork fixed tube - M8x30 - 19Nm (tighten screws six times in alternate sequence, with washer)
Upper fork bridge (top yoke) to fork fixed tube - M8x25 - 19Nm
Locknut to cover - 20Nm
Top yoke to steering tube - M28x1 - 100Nm (thread-locking compound - Loctite 243, Medium strength) - use a rubber glove over the nut to protect it from the socket!

Clamping block (handlebar clamp) to fork bridge, two step process;
Step 1. M10x80 - front bolts to fork bridge clamp (thread-locking compound - Loctite 243, Medium strength) - 38Nm
Step 2. M8x30 rear bolts to clamping block - 19 Nm
Handlebar controls to handlebar - M6x30 - 8Nm
Steering damper to fork bridge - M8x50 - 19Nm (replace nut if removed,  thread-locking compound)
Mirror (lock nut) to adapter - M10x1.25 - 22Nm (left-hand thread)
Clutch switch to handlebar fitting - Screw for plastic, 2.2x16 - 0.4 Nm

Oil drain plug in bevel gears - M12x1 - 20Nm
Oil filler plug to bevel gears - M12x1.5 - 20Nm

Brake disc to front wheel - M8x27 - 19Nm (replace screw, designed for one use only, tighten in diagonally opposite sequence (supplied with thread-locking compound)
Brake caliper to fork lower - M10x65 - 38Nm
Bleed screw in front brake caliper - M8 - 10Nm
Grub screw (brake pads) in brake caliper - 6Nm
Brake caliper to bevel gears (final drive) - M8x25 - 24Nm
Rear brake caliper bleed screw - 5Nm
Rear brake disc to wheel carrier - M8x15.5 - Tighten first to 12Nm then tighten 
in stages (diagonally opposite sequence), then repeat at 30Nm
(replace screws, designed for one use only, tighten in diagonally opposite sequence (supplied with thread-locking compound)
Brake line to lower yoke - M6x16 - 8Nm (thread-locking compound - Loctite 243, Medium strength)

Quick-release axle in axle holder - M24x1.5 - 50Nm
Spoke nipple on spoke - M4.5 - 3.5Nm
Mudguard bracket to forks - M5x20 - 5Nm

Rear wheel to wheel carrier - M10x53x1.25 - 60Nm (tighten in diagonally opposite sequence, add a tiny squirt of WD40 to the thread before fitting)
Spoke nipple on spoke - M4.5 - 3.5Nm

Headlight to bracket - M8x40 - 19 Nm
Bracket for headlight to fork bridge - M6x20 - 8Nm

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  • Thank you very much for posting this! It super helpful just to check the torque on various bolts after riding a bit!

  • WOW thanks! This is extremely helpful. I appreciate it.

  • Thank you! I’m hoping this works for the Urban GS too.

    Jorge Pena

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