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Our Top Easy Mods for the BMW R9T

Our Top Easy Mods for the BMW R9T

Customising your BMW R9T can seen like a daunting prospect at first, we understand that. You've spent good, hard-earned cash on a toy that you've been eyeing up for a while and want to turn it into your dream bike, but what if you don't have the space, a full toolbox or years of knowledge to attempt a full strip or ground up rebuild?

Well we don't think it should stop you getting stuck in and having a tinker, starting with these mods which can be done at home in the shed, on the driveway or even in the street.


1. Unit Garage Exhaust Bracket - this is a great little mod if you've done away with the rear pillion peg bracket. This bracket is finished the same as the bike frame so it looks better than the OEM option and comes in cheaper, too. You'll need to undo and remove the rear end can from the frame mount and exhaust clamp to gain access, that's about it.

2. Speaking of rear end cans, there's another mod we would fully recommend having a go at. Make sure you're adding a plug and play option (most of them are, we would recommend a few of these exhausts). Pay attention to the  angle/direction of the exhaust clamps as you take them off, you'll want to fit them in the same way when the exhaust goes back on. Read our PCC Blog about changing your exhaust here.

3. Rear Luggage Rack - we retail a couple of really well built and easy to fit rear luggage rack and grab rail options for those who like the option of carrying a roll bag or some gear to work or on tour, or for those who want to add a little bit of comfort to a pillion. Our Unit Garage and Rizoma offerings tend to be the most popular. Most luggage racks require no more than 4 or 6 bolts to be undone and re-tightened in order to fit.

4. Headlight Grills - add an instant Scrambler look to your R9T by adding an off-road styled headlight protector. The Rizoma Headlight Protector is a simple two bolt fitment and is made with the absolute best build quality. Be wary to make sure this will fit your bike as it won't fit the Urban GS or Racer.

5. Bar End Mirrors - one of the most popular mods to carry out at home straight after purchasing your new BMW R9T. Add an instant cafe racer or classic look to the bike, or simply clean up the lines by taking the height of the original BMW mirrors out of the bike. You can find a selection of bar end mirrors which require no more than a couple of bolts to be removed and refitted here.

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