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PCC Signature Mods - Kellermann Atto 3-in-1 Rear End

PCC Signature Mods - Kellermann Atto 3-in-1 Rear End

The Kellerman Atto 3-in-1 rear end set up is quickly becoming our default rear end on a large number of the BMW R nine T motorcycles we see in our workshop. It's clean, it's clever and it's a relatively simple fit.

We would use the following kit in order to perform these mods;
If you are currently running bulb indicators and not the LED version then you may need to add a set of these - Rizoma Indicator Resistors
The Rizoma undertray will allow you to ditch the large OEM 'diving board' at the end of the bike whilst still keeping the underside of your ride nice and slick. Once fitted, you'll need to drill two 5mm holes (one on each side) in your preferred mounting position and pass through the indicator wires. We highly recommend then fitting Rizoma indicator plug adapters in order to make it a clean fit to the bike's loom, you can also choose to reuse your BMW plugs if you're happy to cut up your OEM indicators. We then use the Rizoma 3-into-1 loom adapter which will allow the Kellermanns to speak to the bike's brake light and running light, alongside being used as a regular indicator. This loom makes life a lot easier, trust us.
We always think that it looks like a more professional job if you fit a matching set of indicators to the front of the bike, too. In order to fit a matching front end set up then we recommend using the following parts;
1 x BMW OEM part 46 63 8 357 391
1 x BMW OEM part 46 63 8 357 392
The BMW part numbers here are Urban GS covers that fit on the oil cooler mounts, they're a much neater job that the Rizoma brackets. Simply drill out a 5mm hole to fit the Kellermann indicators to and fit them to the bike.
Overall, you'll need to do a little bit of soldering and a little drilling but nothing more than 4 holes, it's very easy once you get going.
Remember, if you're planning this mod then you'll also need to make allowances for fitting a licence plate holder to the bike. For low level plate holders, we tend to recommend the Wunderlich, Rizoma or the Daedalus low level mount options because they're all great quality and come with all of the parts you require to fit. However, if you're happy to run without a number plate light (or want to fit one yourself) and use a small 4'x6' plate then our PCC side mount will also do the job. Use the link below to check your options;
Also, make sure that this modification is legal in your local area! In the UK, you need to have 180mm between the rear indicators so this is fine, but other territories might have different regulations.
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  • Thanks for the kind words, it’s always nice to see that the Blogs can make a difference. There aren’t any real options on the market to add a high level plate currently so we’re working on making one at the moment. We have them pressed and cut but we still need to bend and finish them. The aim will be to allow you to run a plate between the two light in this set up. If you’re keen to get cracking then you can always have a go at making one at home, the Rizoma undertray has to very easy to spot mount points which make producing one at home a lot easier than you’d think.

    Pier City Custom
  • Hey guys. Cheers for posting all of this info and sharing the parts. Makes life a lot easier.

    Could you tell me what seat that is? And is there a way to keep the license plate up top and tidy without the shaft mount? I got the Wunderlich kit but gave up on trying to get the LED plate light to work so would rather recycle the stock one if possible.


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