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Welcome to the Pier City Cycles Tutorial Series. In these videos, we hope to show you a range of jobs or mods that you can carry out on your BMW R9T or R18. We hope to cover those simple jobs which new owners might not feel confident in asking, all the way through to the signature mods we use to transform our builds.

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to remove the air box of your R9T. This is a major modification that many BMW R nine T owners want to carry out so we've attempted to cover the process in as many steps as we can in order to make it clear and concise. We've also added some Torque setting information in the links below to help you put it all back together.

This is very much a 'How To' style video, for those who want to know more about the 'What/Where/Why' of this modification, please check our FAQ video (link below). Recording this video took full days in the workshop and we were toast by the end so if we don't cover off your question in either of these two videos then please leave a comment below or email us and we'll do our best to help.

Air Box Removal Q&A;

Parts Required; Pier City Air Box Removal Kits -

Tools Required; As detailed in the Tutorial video, there are a couple of ways you can do this modification.

To do the full method, as a bare minimum you'll need; Rear Paddock Stand, Central Engine Stand (scissor is best), 3/8" Drive Torque Wrench 8Nm-40Nm, 1/2" Drive Torque Wrench 50Nm-145Nm, 3/8" Ratchet, Small Lever Bar, Flat bladed screwdriver, 30mm Socket, 16mm Socket, 12mm Allen Socket, T55 Torx Bit, T50 Torx Bit, T45 Torx Bit, T40 Torx Bit, T30 Torx Bit, T25 Torx Bit, Drill, 5mm Drill Bit, 8mm Drill Bit, Side Cutters, Cable Ties, MP3 Paste/Lubricant, Blue Loctite, Vacuum Gauges

Paper Instructions to help refitting process;

Torque Setting additional help;


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