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PIER CITY CYCLES TUTORIAL - BMW R9T Exhaust Headers Remove & Refit

PIER CITY CYCLES TUTORIAL - BMW R9T Exhaust Headers Remove & Refit

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to remove and then reinstall the exhaust headers, sometimes called the downpipes or manifold, on the BMW R9T. This is a task that only requires a small amount of tools and only an hour or so of your time in the garage to carry out. In this tutorial, we're fitting our preferred BMW R nine T aftermarket headers made by Unit Garage. The basics will be the same for all other aftermarket brands but please do check their fitting instructions for any other specifics steps that may be required.

You may find it useful to also watch our tutorials on how to remove the silencer and exhaust flap on the R9T first;

Exhaust Silencer - Exhaust Flap -

Shop BMW R9T Exhaust Header Options -

Tools Required; A Ratchet A 12mm Socket A T40 Torx Bit A T45 Torx Bit 22mm Spanner 17mm Spanner A 6mm Allen Key A 10mm Socket Torque Wrench

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