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We believe that, as nice as they can look, motorcycles are designed and made for riding. Whilst we generally specialise in bespoke custom bikes for a Sunday morning blast on the asphalt, we firmly believe that the custom adventure bike is an area that we can have a huge amount of fun - both in the workshop and on the trails!

We created the dedicated 'Gelände' section of our website to show off our builds, talk about our days in the dirt and to offer our favourite products for on-and-off road touring. Gelände loosely translates to 'all-terrain', and is the G in the famous GS brand - it seemed pretty fitting to use it for the adventure side of our Pier City.

Getting Geared Up!

Having the correct luggage, riding gear and accesories can make or break a trip. It's also just as important that the rider is equally as well kitted out as the bike. Check out the collections below for all of our trail-riding and touring focused gear.

Get in touch if you want to join us on the trails some time.

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