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Changing the exhaust on your BMW R nine T

Few modifications get riders as excited as an exhaust upgrade. We might have differing reasons for looking to change the original pipes - louder, more power, new aesthetic, weight saving - but I'm sure most would agree that fitting a new exhaust to their R9T is one of the most emotive of all the mods we can carry out. We thought we'd run through a few things you might want to consider if you're looking at putting your pipes under the knife. 

BMW R9T Torque Settings

We wouldn't approach a job on a BMW R nine T without a torque wrench and the correct torque settings. BMW are very specific when it comes to completing work with the correct tools to get their fittings tight enough, and there are certain parts that can get damaged if they are over-tightened.

Cafe Racer Days BMW R nine T

Chris came to us with a simple brief - source an R9T Roadster and build a stunning cafe racer - and after a few quick chats we found ourselves looking more and more at true classic cafe racers and race bikes from the 50's and 60's for inspiration. We set our sights on designing a bike we could imagine ourselves taking to the Isle of Man TT and giving Geoff Duke, John Surtees or Mike Hailwood a run for their money (maybe!). 

Pier City Custom YouTube Channel

We created a little space on the internet where we could waffle about our builds, our parts, others parts, custom bikes and whatever else pops into our heads whilst standing in our garage in front of a camera.

Triumph Bonneville Black Mini-Makeover

We tend to specialise on the BMW R nine T but it doesn't stop us wanting to play with other bikes, so we were extremely grateful to be trusted with throwing some twists on this Triumph Bonneville Black T120. It's owner wanted to separate it from the crowd without going mad. Afterall, he had chosen the Bonnie in the first place because of it's looks. A pile of genuine accessories had already been sourced as part of the purchase of the bike, so together we worked towards turning it into something slightly more streamlined and tough. 

Our Top Performance Mods For The BMW R nineT

In this blog we thought we would highlight a few of our preferred performance mods. This list is by no means exhaustive but it features some feedback and information on parts that we have tried and tested by riding or fitting them ourselves. It also explains a few of those phrases you may have heard people talking about but didn't really get the full meaning of.

Pier City Cycles Merch

After we had a few requests to do so, we thought it would be cool to put out a few Pier City Cycles t-shirts and swea...

Pier City Cycles Coffee

Stu and I are big coffee drinkers, in fact, there is never a day down at the workshop that we don't come above ground...

PCC R9FT - The Pier City Cycles Custom R9T Flat Track

So we built a BMW R9T Super Hooligan Flat Track. If you head over to then you can see a full p...
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